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Novel coronavirus (2019 ncov) sequencing data analysis software

product model: genseq-2019-ncov
release version: v1
product usage: this software is used in conjunction with the novel coronavirus (2019 ncov) nucleic acid detection kit (reversible end termination method), the general sequencing reaction kit (reversible end termination method) and the gene sequencer produced by Tianjin Golden Key Medical Technology Co., Ltd., and is suitable for the analysis of novel coronavirus (2019 ncov) nucleic acid detection data
product composition: the product is composed of home page, analysis center, report center, system configuration, security audit, personal center, and system modules. The product hardware consists of software installation USB flash disk and product instructions
sample type: respiratory tract samples
saving method: no special requirements
validity period: 20 years


New crown test products



Antigen detection cannot completely replace nucleic acid detection. The National Health Commission stressed that nucleic acid testing is still the basis for the diagnosis of novel coronavirus infection, and antigen testing as a supplementary means can be used for screening specific populations, which is conducive to improving the ability of "early detection". Primary medical and health institutions that have the ability of nucleic acid detection should first choose nucleic acid detection; Those who do not have the ability of nucleic acid detection can carry out antigen detection, and do a good job in the training of medical personnel and the communication and guidance of patients. When conducting antigen testing, isolation observers and community residents should carefully read the instructions and standardize the operation. Once the antigen test is positive, they should immediately report to the relevant departments



[Usage and Dosage]


Blow your nose with toilet paper first. Take out the swab and avoid touching the swab head. With the head slightly tilted, hold the tail of the swab and stick the side nostril slowly and deeply 1-1.5 cm (for subjects aged 2-14 years, 1 cm deep) backward along the bottom of the lower nasal tract. Then stick the nasal cavity and rotate it for at least 4 circles (the residence time is not less than 15 seconds), and then repeat the same operation with the same swab on the other nasal cavity.


Immerse the swab head into the swab treatment solution, rotate and mix well for at least 30 seconds.

Squeeze the swab head by hand across the outer wall of the processing bottle at least 5 times.


Break the swab at the broken line, and leave the swab head in the treatment bottle.

Read the results after 15 minutes, but not more than 30 minutes.

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